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Dennis z type (1947) 24"


 Hoping somebody may be able to answer my questions regarding a Dennis z type (1947). When the engine is running and both clutches are out of gear the cutting cylinder still likes to turn and I have noticed the centre of the clutch is turning slowly. Should this be happening and if not can it be adjusted or is this terminal wear and in need of replacement? Also when the engine is not running and I push the mower around it 'growls' as it's moving along. Is this normal (and just bad tempered) or is something amiss?


Ransomes Auto Certes starting problems

Having learned a lot of great info from a guy in gateshead who holds the entire Atco/Webb spare parts store from when they went bust in the early 2000's, I realised my Webb isn't really suitable for cutting a cricket wicket, and have gone out and bought a Ransomes Auto Certes. It's been sat in a garage for ~20 years, but much to my surprise actually starts without me having done anything to it. It fires up, runs slowly for about 4 seconds slowly, and just as it starts to pick up speed and sounds like it's going to run properly, it dies completely.



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