Can You Help Me Sell My Mower On Ebay?

We cannot give any specific help although the following guidelines may be useful. First, help collectors to find your item by including the words "mower" and "lawnmower" in your headline description because eBay's search system treats these as completely different words (in theory "mower" in a search should catch all "lawnmowers" but it doesn't). Using only one of these words alone will limit the number of hits on your listing. Including words such as "vintage" and "antique" may help but have specific meanings to collectors of old machinery and can be confusing. It is far better to provide an estimation of the year of manufacture (see below). Second, collectors will base their decision to bid/buy on the information you provide with your item listing so try to provide a clear and concise description of the mower. This should ideally include the cutting width, whether the grass box is present, the general condition and any distinguishing features. In particular, include any words that appear on name badges or which are cast into components. Third, if it's a motor mower it may be helpful to indicate serial numbers and to state whether the engine works. Fourth, include the age of the mower if you know it or are reasonably sure of an approximate year of manufacture. Bear in mind that collectors may have a better idea of a mower's age than you do. It is a common misconception, for example, to think that Suffolk motor mowers were made in the 1920s because of the wording of the manufacturer's name on the badge even though the company did not make motor mowers until the 1950s. Sixth, include at least one image showing the whole of the mower. If possible, the image should be taken from the "three quarter" position - from the front and side. Additional images are useful to back up other information such as serial numbers, presence of the grass box and overall conditions. Finally, if a machine is damaged or incomplete please say so in your description. Collectors like to know these things and it won't necessarily scupper a potential sale. Depending on what's wrong it may be possible to find spares or to make an effective repair.