Contacting The Club

Before You Contact Us

We are a club for enthusiasts who collect, preserve and display old mowers. We are not a technical helpdesk or helpline.

If you have a technical query (eg no spark, missing parts, how to get it running etc) about a mower made after about 1970 please do not contact us because we will not be able to help you.

You are welcome to register on our forum and ask your question there.

Please also read these notes before you contact us.

The answer may already be on our site. Please search the site or visit the forum section before you contact us.

Please look at our FAQ Page to find answers to many questions about the Old Lawnmower Club.

Please try to direct your email to the correct person using the links below. If your email is sent to the wrong place you may not get a reply.

Data Queries

If you are a member of the Club or a registered user of our website, please read our Data Policy. If you would like to check what data we hold about you, please click here or use the link at the bottom of this page.

Restoration, Technical Information, Spares

For information and advice about restoring old mowers, please look at the Restoration Section.

If you need copies of operating manuals, engine settings and other information visit the Technical Section.

If you need Spare Parts, lots of suppliers are listed on this site.

History of Mowers

There is lots of information on our website about the history and development of the lawn mower. Use the site search page to find all pages that mention specific machines.

Selling or Offering Your Mowers

If you have a mower you would like to offer or sell to our members, please do not use the contact form accessed via this page (you might not receive a reply if you do). Instead, please complete the online form and we will include brief details in our next printed quarterly newsletter. If you prefer, you can register on our site and create a free classified advert.

We cannot enter into detailed correspondence about mowers you wish to sell. We will be happy to include details of any suitable mower you may wish to sell in our quarterly newsletter but only if you submit the information we need using our online advertising form.

Specific Manufacturers

Please use our specialist help service if you want to identify or date a mower made by a particular manufacturer. The links for these specialists are listed below. If you send an email to the wrong person, request technical advice, or ask about a different make of mower you may not receive a reply.

Allow plenty of time for a response. All of our specialists are volunteering their spare time and may not be able to answer your query straight away.

Please also bear in mind that, in general, these specialists will only be able to help with identification and dating. If your query is more technical in nature they are unlikely to be able to answer it. However, the answer (or at least one like it) may be on our Forum Section.

We do not provide valuations. The specialist you contact may occasionally be able to offer an estimate of recent auction prices as a guide.