Annual Rally 2020

Our Annual Rally was cancelled in 2020 because of the coronavirus emergency. Instead, we arranged for our Club Members to participate in a Virtual Rally where they could exhibit machines from their collections online.

Each exhibit is listed with an image and a brief description. Below is a grid showing all of the exhibit entries. Simply click on any image to find out more about the specific exhibit.

There are 126 mowers and exhibits in our virtual annual rally
Webb's Whippet Series III
Webb Witches
W. Dibben
70 inch Toro Triple mower
Shanks twin head spanner
Shanks Jehu
Ransomes Patent Gear Automaton
Golf Courses Director at Celtic Manor on the 2010 Ryder Cup Course Jim Used a mower like this when he was a trainee greenkeeper in the 1960s He has fond memories of using it.
Ransomes Overgreen Golf Tractor 1959
The completed edger
Ransomes, Sims & Head 8-inch Automaton mower with slots for later grassbox style
Ransomes, Sims & Head 10-inch Automaton mower
16 inch Ransomes Certes Hand mower late 1950s
1930 Ransomes  4 stroke
Pennsylvania New Era
Pennsylvania Fairway
Fletcher's Edgbaston side-wheel mower with large trailing roller
Dennis Motor Mower - Roger Wilkinson
Andrew Hall & Mike Duck with Replica Budding at Malvern
Ransomes 24 inch Automaton Pony mower Patent Gear model
20 inch ATCO Heavy Duty 1949
Ransomes Overgreen Golf Tractor 1936