Atco Battery Mowers

Here is my collection of Atco battery mowers.  Originally powered by a 3 terminal lead acid Exide 22Ah battery.  I use the middle one in summer which works well with a golf cart battery, but I added a 16A MCB.  The small end one is for spares. The main problem with these mowers, apart from their weight and uneven discharge when using the middle terminal, was that running into a wall burnt out the motor, so a MCB is essential.  The big one will be fitted with a homemade 16V lithium battery when I have finished the ice cream, as I need to use the tub.

I really need to get the this middle one properly sharpened.  Are we allowed to start a thread of recommended mower sharpeners around the UK?  I am in Wilts / Glos / Hereford area normally.