British-Anzani Lawnrider

Am unsure of the exact  year of this machine. I don't know anything of it's history but am guessing it belonged to a club member as I bought this mower already nicely restored from the Annual Rally auction in 2015, having wanted a Lawnrider to add to my collection. I missed out on another Lawnrider at the auction a few years before (that time I couldn't bid as I had no way of transporting it having bought another mower in an earlier lot). I am delighted with it, as it is in good condition but when purchased it was missing the main drive chain. I soon purchased some chain and fitted it. An ongoing issue has been the clutch, as it had been fitted with what looks like a brand new centrifugal clutch, but found it didn't work and take-up drive. Discussed this with my father, and he figured out that the spring in the clutch was probably too strong so he found a lighter tension spring online and fitted this for me. Next issue was the clutch cable as the nipple on the end came away and I sent it off to be repaired but found the re-conditioned cable was slightly too short. The mower is currently in my garage and I will try again to sort out the clutch cable in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I keep it under cover and clean and polish it as often as my classic cars :-)


Alec McCutcheon