Suffolk Colt

Bought this Sufolk Colt at the club's Annual Rally two of three years ago. On getting it home I found the engine had no spark and put it to one side. Just a few weeks ago I cleaned the points with an emery nail file (pack of 50 from Poundland) and the engine runs and ticks over beautifully. Petrol tap was leaking but I revived it by soaking in petrol for a few days. Since then I have been using the machine as intended for mowing the lawn. No idea of the age of the mower but am guessing 1960s or 70s. No plans to restore it other than adjusting and an ocasional wipe over with an oily rag. Have already treated the front wooden rollers with Linseed oil. Extremely pleased with this little mower - probably the sweetest-running engine of my entire collection.






Alec McCutcheon