British Anzani "Improved" Lawn-Rider 1966 18"

Our British Anzani “Lawn-Rider” 18” of 1966 was bought at a local house clearance auction in April 2014.


The first of this “Rider” of mower was the “Easimow” introduced in around 1953 and made by E.F. Ranger (Ferring) of Ranger Works, Littlehampton, Sussex, until they were bought out by Tannoy Marine Ltd of West Norwood, London in 1958. It was then that The British Anzani Engineering Company of Windmill Road, Hampton Hill, Middlesex took on the production of the “Easimow,” Whilst developing new designs. In late 1962, British Anzani had developed a completely new machine on the “Rider ” configuration; - the Lawn-Rider.” Powered by the Villiers’s 150cc Model 515H engine, known as the “lightweight” as all pressure die cast alloy and compact, it fitted inside the “Lawn-Riders” pressed steel font frame.

Our machine is, to quote press releases from the time; “very greatly improved” (could be called a MK2 Lawn-Rider in retrospect) with an extra lever to de-select the cutters; which was introduced in the spring of 1966, noted by the protruding cover at the front, containing the dual drive shaft and clutch assembly.

Our machine had new cylinder bearings fitted, the cylinder was shot blasted and painted, whereas the rest was just conserved. The engine had  new piston with rings, new valves, new con-rod, new crankshaft, main’s shells and oil seals. (unlike previous Villiers engines, there are no big end shells) It was more a case of what remained original that wasn’t worn out! (engine date of 1965)

So, it is a misconception to date the Lawn-Rider pre-1962!         The mower has been shown at OLC’s Malvern show on numerous occasions.