Ransomes Antelope MK 5 20" Cylinder YEAR:- 1969

Our 1969 Ransomes Antelope Mark 5 was purchased from the OLC AGM auction in 2017

We refurbished the engine with new main’s, big end shells (split shell type) new crank oil seals, new piston rings and new valves. (apologies for the fitment of the plastic fuel tap!) Plus cleaning the Carb. And painting the air cleaner. One of the rubber tyres had come off the steel boss, so we used contact adhesive to re-bond it on. The markings on the engine’s flywheel denote a date of 1969. Assuming the fuel tank is the original; the mower was retailed by Mann Egerton of Princes Street Ipswich.

We have shown the mower a few times at OLC’s Malvern show, but the blades need setting. The machine is of the normal Antelope 20” cut and has the 120cc Villiers F12 engine, originally the BSA F12 engine (Popularly known as ”Sloper,” due to the inclined cylinder) It was 1963 when Villiers of Wolverhampton took over from BSA Power Units of Redditch production. NOTES: BSA made F12 engines have "BSA" embossed in the alloy end crankcase cover and (generally) have a steel recoil, Villiers manufactured ones (generally) have an alloy "Siba"recoil, plus other later modifications.

The Ransomes Antelope is by no means extinct and survive in plentiful numbers or even herds. The grass box / bag is however a rarer and more solitary creature to hunt down!