Greens Patent Grass Edge Clipper

Introduced by Thomas Green & Son in 1883 and appears to have only been produced for 11 years until 1893, it shares the same handles as the Multum-in-parvo plus the unusual combined gear and chain which was seen on the Greens Monarch in the mid 1870's, (image of the Monarch from 1877 above) No doubt the combination of existing parts reduced production costs, although some parts did require new castings. In 1888 the width of the main roller was reduced from 8in to 7in.

The machine was found many years ago by a collector in a junk shop in Ampthill, Beds, restored and moved with him to the North Norfolk coast. Acquired by me a few years ago and has become one of my favourite items.



Same size as a 6in Multum or Silens Messor




Clive Gravett