John Wisden Line Marker

I was pleased to acquire this restored line marker as it has close association with our location in Sussex.

John Wisden (1826-1884) was born in Brighton. In July 1845, aged 18, only 5ft 4in and weighing just 7 stone he made his first-class debut for Sussex against MCC, taking 6 wickets in the first innings and three in the second. He joined the All-England Eleven in 1846, He retired from cricket in 1863 at the relatively early age of 37 as a result of rheumatism, and started publishing his annual Cricketers' Almanack the following year. He also published in Cricket and How to Play It in 1866. In retirement he developed his business into a manufacturer and retailer of equipment for many sports, not just cricket. The shop moved to Cranbourn Street near Leicester Square in 1872.

John Wisden died in his flat above his shop in Cranbourne Street which is now a 'Wok to Walk' takeaway! (see image) 

I am keen to find a reference & date of the line marker and presently have many cricket fanatics on the 'Wisden Forum' searching through their almanacs for information, if anyone can help, let me know.



Early 1900's ?


Clive Gravett