Sabo Rasenmäher

Sabo Rasenmäher  “Vorsprung durch Technik”

I did have this mower up and running ready for last years AGM, but due to lack of space on the trailer, it didn't make it, was planning to bring this year! So here it is and more information on the unusual drive mechanism..............

Germanys first self-driven powered rotary mower, fitted with a Fichtel & Sachs two stroke engine. Early 1960’s.

The inventor Heinrich Sanner, together with his partner Walter Born (hence SABO) formed their company in 1932. After the second world war they saw the need for motorised hedge trimmers to deal with the neglect during the war years and ventured into manufacture of horticultural machinery.

In 1954 they produced their first motorised lawn mower and in 1958 the first rotary mower with an aluminium deck.

It could be said that Sanner was the German equivalent of Douglas Hayter, introducing similar developments during the same period, whereas Hayters first self-driven mower had a powered rear roller, Sanner used a pair belt driven spiked wheels which were dropped and activated by a simple lever.

Sabo mowers are still in production the business having been taken over by the John Deere Group in 1991.




Clive Gravett