Turtle Sidewheel

This mower would have definitely been at this years AGM as fellow member Bruce Bentley kindly collected it for me from Solihull in Feb 2020 & is now looking after it at his home in Coventry.

The mower made in the USA was badged and sold by a family run ironmongers shop in Croydon, Surrey, L H Turtle Ltd. The business operated in Croydon from 1894 to 2008.

I have been in touch with Jeremy Turtle who lives locally and was the last in the family line to run the business, he has kindly provided some photographs from shows the business attended, they were certainly a major lawn mower retailer with a very interesting selection, assume the images were from the 1920's, certainly 3 Atco standards in the centre of one and indeed some other mowers we would all like to have!

Whilst there are many badged sidewheel mowers it is interesting that a local business with just two shops in Croydon had their own. When the mower finally travels South it will be put on permanent display in our museum having such an interesting local connection.

Bruce, perhaps get the tape measure out, I didn't ask the size when I bought it, assume 10in? 






Clive Gravett