Anglo Paris 6"

My Anglo Paris was bought from clive garvitt  in may ​​last year

I restored it by shot blasting it clean of all the paint then repained it with the closest paint match found at wilkos in spray paint can. Then hand painted the gold lettering on.

I then took it down to banbury steam and country fair to show , while I was there andrew grout help me out with a few ajustments to put the set on the cut . after some discussion we felt it would be beneficial to send off the sole blade off to garfitts and get a replacement made for it then it will then cut the lines out again on a tennis court for thats what it,s purpose was..

latter on in the year I took some of my mowers to the marlvan show .While I was there andew said that he had been having a look round and stumbeld across some brackets for me to make a grass box.




18 hundreds


Daniel Mortimer