Suffolk Galaxy

I don't know how many of these were sold, but in the three years I've been interested in old mowers I've only ever seen this one, I've got quite a nice Suffolk collection now, and bacause I haven't seen another, its worth showing. It runs but due to ignition fault, it doesn't run for long and due to a monstrous hole in the exhaust not running for long is a godsend. Only paid a tenner for it a couple of years ago, looking at the state of it beforehand I probably paid a tenner too much, but happy with the renovation although would like a galaxy transfer for the front, I had one made but it wasn't the right colour. I would like the earlier centaur and I can't remember the name of the one previous to that (since found out it was the Polo. I've also found that the Galaxy replaced the Centaur in1963, Centaur production started in 59, unsure about the era of the Polo.