Atco Light 17

Found this one on ebay quite local to me. Been in the family years. I used it for a couple of seasons before restoration. Although date plate is missing, this clutch type indicates mid to late 1940's. I found this mower was much easier to push as it can get a bit wayward when driven. Given then hand cluch does cutting cylinder and roller drive, the only way to do this was remove the drive chain. This is a real fun mower to use and a good excuse to get the whitworth spanners out! Rather than paint the nuts, which inevitably suffer paint flake, as soon as you put a spanner on, I opted to wax them with dinitrol. So they retain the self colour. Given the modular design of the mower (rods and spacers), I had to be very careful to not widen it with multiple thickness of paint- a mistake I made on an earlier suffolk restoration.




c 1946


paul gannon