Ransomes 18in Mk 4 Marquis

Only had this a few years. Bought in Norfolk from a friends relative who had died. It lacks the cutting height adjustment knob that the later models had. There were a few issues with this one. Cracked rear roller. Managed to find a scrap one to replace it with. Spark plug had been cross threaded in the cylinder head, extracted and re tapped. Engine crankshaft oil seal leaked. The ewarts fuel tap leaked. After a misguided adventure with a new piece of cork, I have now fitted it with viton o rings and am avoiding ethanol petrol. Got a replacement cylinder and bottom blade from Garfitts and repainted the bearing carriers. As a bit of a cheat, I drilled some bearing drift holes in the non-drive side bearing carrier and filled with silicon afterwards. New wooden rollers and repainted the grass box. The rest of the mower is in original paint. Dated from the serial number as 1963. I would say, whilst well built, they are not easy to take apart. Especially the rear roller!






paul gannon