Ransomes 24in Mk 3M Matador

Moving to a house with a large lawn was a perfect excuse to buy a bigger mower. This 1975 Mark 3M (metric) 24 inch Matador was purchased direct from Hampton Court Palace Gardens. The head gardener told me that the younger lads didn't like using it as it was too heavy. (They were also selling their 36inch mastiff). This mower is in working condition, but was obviosusly well maintained. The grass box was rough, so I had this blasted and repainted it. The rest of the mower is 'as acquired' pretty much. A lovely relaxing mower to use. Nearly impossible to push so not for fiddly areas. Despite weighing 160kg, the split rear roller means it can be turned on the spot at the end of a run, The MAG engine is a nice reliable unit with 7HP.






paul gannon