24 inch Ransomes Automaton, Patent Gear (Circa 1900)

Ransomes 24 inch Automaton Pony mower Patent Gear model
Ransomes Automaton 24 inch Pony mower with Budding (Ransomes owned)
Model of my Ransomes Automaton Patent Gear

This Ransomes Automaton was given to me by a very good friend & customer. Barry Reeves Head Greenkeeper at Clevedon Golf Club Near Bristol. He had been given it by a local farmer who found it behind a barn, "as you do". It was very rusty, so I stripped it down & restored & painted it completely even braising the cracked cast iron gears. have shown this at many Greenkeeper exhibitions over the years, (the picture is taken at Harrogate trade show). The item in the background is a mower transporter probably made in the 1950s. This machine was used as the basis for a mower model in 2012, some of you may have one, keep it they will be rare as less than 100 were sold.

The second Picture is of this Automaton with Ransomes original Budding from 1830 Just here for interest to show how little changed in 70 years of development.


24 inch Pony


Circa 1900


Peter Hampton