Ransomes mk4 24"

Ransomes mk4 24" motor mower, bought a few years back and featured in an earlier Grassbox magazine. Machine is in great original condition but a few spare still have to be obtained to make her complete. It requires the chain gaurd with the ransomes script on an also a cutter chain, other parts i have they are just not shown here. Recently (3 weeks ago) the machine became a runner again and has been running alot recently for amusement. Layshaft to roller chain has been fitted so now it can move around under its own power. The wooden handles ,one of which was taped together have now been repaired, filled, smoothed and rubbed with linseed oil and are a much more happy with life. Another issue was the good old Ransomes fuel tank leaking into the oil tank, this too has been fixed with a tank sealer solution. Lovely original example of this machine




1920s mid??