Andrew Grout Plate Winners

Andrew Grout Plate

This award was presented to the Club by one of our founding Members, Andrew Grout. It has been presented since 1996 to the owner of the mower exhibited at each Annual Rally that the members present would most like to take home. Members vote for the mower during the rally and the winner is presented with the plate at the end of the weekend. The winner also receives an engraved tankard to keep. It is the club's oldest award and winning is considered to be highly prestigious.

Year Mower Image Name
2019 JP Super/Automo Conversion Ricky Gowan
2018 Shanks Horse Mower Alec Hillyar
2017 Ransomes Patent Motor Mower Andrew Grout
2016 Barnard, Bishop & Barnard Stan & Jonathan Hardwick
2015 Samuelson Mike Harvey
2014 Ransomes Globe John Barnard
2013 Ferrabee Improved Keith Wootton
2012 Dennis Motor Mower Bill Outram
2011 Shanks Jehu Motor Mower Stan & Jonathan Hardwick
2010 Samuelson Mowers The Hall & Duck Trust
2009 Ferrabee Improved Keith Wootton
2008 Ransomes 30in Horse Mower Stan & Jonathan Hardwick
2007 Williams & Co Archimedienne Christopher & William Proudfoot
2006 Chadborn & Coldwell Hall & Duck Trust
2005 Clipper Christopher Proudfoot
2004 Lloyds Moto Mower John Barnard
2003 Ransomes Reversible Stan Hardwick
2002 Follows & Bate Climax Tim Durant
2001 Ransomes Overgreen Andrew MacMorland
2000 Ransomes Electric Mower Brian Radam
1999 Greens Motor Mower John Barnard
1998 Ransomes Motor Mower Andrew MacMorland
1997 Shanks Pony Mower Hall & Duck Trust
1996 Shanks Pony Mower Stan Hardwick