Charlie Jones Award Winners

Charlie Jones Award

The Charlie Jones Award is presented each year to a member of the Club who has made a significant contribution to its aims, objectives and activities. Charlie Jones fulfilled all these criteria when he was a member of the club and the award was established in 2003, the year after Charlie died. The winner is normally selected by the Club's president in conjunction with the committee. 

Year Name
2019 Dusty Miller
2018 Steve Smith
2017 John Dyer
2016 Angus Shapland (wristpin)
2015 Richard Dent
2014 Roger Wilkinson
2013 Brian Radam
2012 Jim Ricci
2011 Stan & Jonathan Hardwick
2010 Colin Stone
2009 Tony Houghton
2008 Andrew Hall & Michael Duck
2007 Geoff Christopher
2006 Tony Hopwood
2005 Chris Thomson
2004 Joyce, Dick and Alan Hardwick
2003 John Bloxham