Overseas Membership Form

Please use this form to join the Club. Fill in the form to provide us with the information we need and then press the submit button. We try to process new applications as quickly as possible. It is very helpful to us if you provide a valid email address as this allows us to send you information about your membership more quickly.

Once you have completed the form a new page will open where you can use a secure payment service provided by PayPal to send us the annual subscription. If you are buying membership for a friend, please Contact the Club and do not complete this form.

Before completing the form, please read our Data Policy.

About You
This section of the form collects the information we need to enrol you as a member and send you a joining pack. If you supply an email address we can send you most of the joining pack publications electronically. We use the postal address to send your membership card and a badge.
We offer special membership terms to young people who are still in full time education. To qualify for this all you need to do is provide your current age. Please do not send us any payment if you think you qualify until you have heard from us. There is no need to supply your age if you are no longer in full time education. One of our most popular and useful publications is an annual directory of members. We use the information you provide on this form to compile the directory but only include those members who give their permission. Please click the appropriate button to choose to be included or not.
Types of Mower
The remaining sections of the form are optional but the information you provide will be extremely useful if you want to be included in the annual membership directory. This helps members to see each others' interests so that they can make contact, share information and offer help and advice. You can tick as many boxes as you like. To start, please indicate the types of mowers that are in your collection or which interest you the most.
Ages of Mower
What are the ages of the mowers in your collection or that interest you the most?
Which manufacturers are represented in your collection? The list contains the most common and popular manufacturers but you can also add a short list of other companies if you wish.
Finally, if you can help other members with general advice, information or spare parts please tick the relevant boxes.