Brill Cutwell

The Brill Cutwell side wheel mower was sold in the Uk in the 1920's and 30's. It was sold and marketed under several different names  It was manufactured by the German company of Brill. Marked foreign,  unless you knew it would be hard to tell where it was made. Many people in the UK at the time would be reluctant to buy if they knew where it was made for obvious reasons.Despite this Brill was a company with an excellent established reputation. 
Like most contemporary mowers it was manufactured from cast iron , steel blades and a wooden 'T' handle.  Unlike most British sidewheel mowers of the time the Cutwell was designed to deliver the cuttings to the rear of the machine where they could be collected by a bag or box suspended by hooks on the rear end of the side frame. Another unusual feature was the colour being silver whereas most other mowers would have been green and other colours such as red. My Cutwell will need restoring at some point and I plan to repaint it the original silver.