My latest effort at restoring a mk10 16" Certes. The aluminium side plates came in with the mk6. I don't think the mk 6,7 and 8 mower side plates were painted but the mk10 and mk12 mowers were painted with a thin coat of hammertone silver and no primer. This probably came off pretty quickly. I think the land rolls were also painted with a thin coat of silver because I've never found them unpainted on the inside and I have had a fair few of these apart now but this is probably up for debate. Does anybody have a mk9 or mk11? Do they even exist? If so it would be interesting to see some photos. There are small differences between the marks as design flaws were eliminated and the mk12 was the last and best of these mowers. I didn't repaint the cylinder on this mk10 because it wasn't too bad and I want to use this mower on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy the pictures.