Greens Prince

This comment will either confuse or extremely irritate some members because as a member of the OLC one should really appreciate all mowers for their merits. I do ! However the Greens Prince manufactured by Thomas Green and Sons Ltd. is to me a very well made, handsome and so smooth and easy to use mower.

The reason I find this mower so unique, attractive and fascinating is its design. It has a box type design and is  lighter than its predecessors.

Introduced in 1929 it has the design of a mower many years ahead. This hand mower is gear driven to the roller. The 6 knife cylinder and the roller shaft are fitted with self-aligning ball-bearings. It was available in 10, 12 and 14 inch sizes. , the smallest selling for £6. Mine ( as in photos) is the10inch version. I appreciate the scraper plate is on its upper bolts in the photo's but since lowered. It really is a beautiful mower. You are probably thinking 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' but you really do need to be close up to one and use it to appreciate it.

I hope you like the photos. Sorry they are expanded previous ones but I've been unable to get the mower out of the workshop.