Ransomes New Paris

Ransomes New Paris was manufactured between about 1885 and 1892. It was the home market version of the Paris; available in cutting widths between 6" and 16",  in 2" increments. From 1892 it became the more familiar Anglo-Paris. The convex wheels and distinctive design of the T handle are peculiar to the Paris and New Paris models I believe. Most of the paint appears to be original and you will notice the wear on the wheel treads. The small brass plate at the bottom of the handle is a nice touch - it reads Ransomes 1118 1885 Patent

This one must be my luckiest ' once in a lifetime ' find. It was bought many years ago at a car-boot sale as a box of bits, from a seller who knew nothing about it. I spotted a convex wheel and knew it was something worth having. Not only was it cheap I beat him down on the price into the bargain. As far as I am aware this is the only one that has changed hands in a long time although I know of one or two others.




Late 1880's


Colin Stone - Stonethemows