The Samson

Manufactured in the U.S.A  by a currently unknown Company, The Samson was imported and retailed by J. Salmon and Son Ltd. of Holloway, North London. This little known model probably dates from the 1920's but quite likely also exists under other company and model names. The colour scheme is not original and it has an unusual method of fixing the rear roller whereby the roller revolves on the stub axles. These appear to have been sleeved to overcome wear.

J. Salmon and Son Ltd. ( not to be confused with the more famous postcard printers ) was a family run Grocery and Household Store which started in the 1890's and grew to have 35 branches in London and the Home Counties. Strangely their garden rollers are more evident than their lawnmowers. Financial problems in the late 1930's resulted in the firm closing, being taken over in 1944 by Timothy Whites and Taylors, who also sold ' catalogue ' lawnmowers.




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