Tarpen Grassmaster

This little 6 inch electric rotary mower came to me after popping into a reclamation yard on my lunch break whilst working in Wells, Somerset. I walked around the place and I was on my way out, a guy called out to see if I needed help, asked him about lawnmowers and he took me to a pile of pallets, an old rocking horse and other very rough looking items piled in no particular order, he said he thought he seen one in there a while ago, he pretty much tipped the whole lot over and revealed a handle sticking out with a cable coming out the top, when he lifted it out my jaw hit the floor,  I'd walked past it three times and missed out on the same mower that went on ebay about a week earlier.

I stripped it, cleaned it, painted it and re wired it.

A cool looking machine. Used for  small areas and graveyard paths.

First photo shows size against a 12 inch push mower.