Webb Whippet mk2

This little Webb Whippet came to me from a member selling it at the first AGM I attended at Milton Keynes in 2018.

Strange handles only seen on a couple of early machines. Made from the 30s up until the 70s, a popular mower with a long production run,  nice mower to start a collection with as they are compact, lightweight, easy to work on and prices are low as there are quite a few about. As far as I can gather, this is a mk 2 as I haven't seen an original mk 1 to study and it seems from mk 3 onwards the bent thrower plate wasn't present.

There is no cylinder adjustment, instead the bottom blade is adjusted by two bolts inside the side plates at the top of the throw plate, this adjusted the contact between bottom blade and cylinder, this adjustment wasn't easy and took a little messing with to get a clean contact along the cylinder. I presume this was to have simpler cylinder bearings to keep production cost low.