Atco points box cover

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Atco points box cover

this could be the start of a million questions but I’m new to all this so bear with,on my recently acquired Atco kickstart the points cover is held on by a stud which protrudes through it and is secured by a nut,all the ones that I have seen illustrated and in videos etc are secured by a spring clip on a post.It probably doesn’t matter I’m just curious that’s all.Are there two different fixing methods?

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Yes, some have the nut on a

Assuming that you are referring to the points contained in a circular housing with a brass lid and a square condenser buried underneath; yes, some have the nut on a stud and others the swing down spring clip. In fact there is a third option where a push on clip replaces the nut on the stud - possibly not original but just replacing a lost nut..