Jap 34 cc 2 stroke engine

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Jap 34 cc 2 stroke engine



I am having alot of trouble getting one of these engines to start. I have a spark and fuel though a rebuilt amal carb.

It did start and run on a 50:1 mix does not want to run on a 32:1 mix recommend in the manual.

I wondered if the seals are leaking on the crank shaft?

Has any any experience of these little engines?

Any suggestions would be great as I am running out of ideas?

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Certainly leaking crankcase

Certainly leaking crankcase seals won’t help transferring the mixture to the combustion chamber , but  you can try squirting a bit of carburettor cleaner directly into the carb intake . If you are making up your mix using a modern semi or fully synthetic two stroke oil , try changing to  a non detergent SAE 30 ; it may help with crankcase sealing.