1960's Hayter Condor Gearbox

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1960's Hayter Condor Gearbox

Hello ,

I have one of the above mowers still going strong but for a broken gearbox output shaft. Desperately trying to source a replacement part / gearbox to no avail.

I beleive the gearbox is a Foote 2010 pre 1970 , wondered if anybody could help with info regarding parts or a suitable more modern replacement ?

thanks in advance

Keith Wootton
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Hayter Condor Gearbox


For spares try Jon Cruse on 01323 842477, http://www.themowercentrehailsham.com/ or by email on themowercentre@hotmail.co.uk. He is a professional lawn mower repairer and a member of our club. I am sure he will help if he can.


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