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Allen Scythe

I have been offered an Oxford Allen Scythe for £125. Apparently it is a 4 stroke machine and it has not been running for a couple of years.One of the tyres is a bit damaged. I had a brief look and the pulley would not turn by hand.

I was going to use it for removing the grass on a half acre wild meadow which I only cut once a year. At the moment it takes me about a week with a strimmer. I just wanted to know if this is  about the right price for this item before I take another close look and try to see if it will start.

Allen Scythe

Assume you have checked e.bay to see what figure they are going for, this will give a good indication of value, at least one on at present in good order bidding at £50 so far.

Other than that its not really something I can advise on, although I do remember using one on my dads farm in the 60's!!!

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Seen posts on other sites

Seen posts on other sites saying that the summer's weather has boosted Allen scythe prices particularly amongst the horse and pony fraternity! However I would consider £125 a bit ambitious for a non runner with a dodgy tyre and Allen scythes are not exactly rare. However, a 4-stroke is probably more user friendly that a worn 2-stroke with hot starting problems!!

The 4 stroke engine is possibly a Villiers F15 - a good robust unit with parts still available. The fact that "the pulley" won't turn  need not be an engine problem but just the blades rusted/seized.


allen scythe mower

I have just bought an allen oxford scythe mower. The engine has had it, but the machine is still in very good condition. The engine is a 4-stroke and I was wondering if someone could help me with the restoration of the engine, or if someone knows about a company that can recondition my engine to its original state so I can use the machine again.

Hope to hear