Atco new engine won’t start when hot

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Atco new engine won’t start when hot


We have an atco in the repair shop, the original Kawasaki engine was seized due to the local bowling club not keeping an eye on the oil level.

We replaced it with a brand new Briggs 550 engine, unfortunately it wouldn't start when it was hot, so we sent it back because it was under warranty. The brand new replacement engine does exactly the same, won't start when hot, it starts first pull when cold and runs great,  just for curiosity we checked the usual, spark , fuel, compression and no problems found. Before we ask for another replacement engine, which probably will be a bit embarrassing, anybody any thoughts.

Bear in mind this is a brand new engine, everything is new...

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Not familiar with a 550 by

Not familiar with a 550 by name but does it have the ReadyStart auto choke system? 

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An old moped I had needed a hotter plug to get it going when it was hot in the 1976 summer we had.

It still started normal with it when it was cold too.

Vaguely remember they got longer the higher the number though but I may be mistaken, so make sure it doesn't collide with the piston if you try this.