Mower leaving uncut grass

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Mower leaving uncut grass

I'm new to rotary mowers and I'm not sure what to expect in terms of grass quality.

I recently inherited an Atco Royale B24 and when mowing our lawn it has being leaving tuffs on grass. This mainly happens at parts of the lawn where the grass is dark green, thick and longer.

I like the lawn at a good height after it's mowed so I have the mower set high.

I've set the blade correctly and I've done the paper cut test and all that and that's good.

Hopefully the photos below show the problem. Does anybody have suggests?



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Not rotary, but cylinder, and

Not rotary, but cylinder, and there lies your problem. You are using a cylinder lawn mower on a length of grass that should have been given a going  over with a cut and collect rotary first. However you’ve got what you’ve got so first check that the cylinder’s blades are properly set against the stationary bottom blade. Then before the rest of the grass regrows, mow it again - perhaps from a different direction . Do this every two or three days until you have tamed the lawn, before reverting to an an every five days mowing regime in the growing season and then, perhaps, every seven days when the growth slows down a bit. Varying the direction of cut will also improve things. 

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Your main problem is the

Your main problem is the design of all cylinder mowers with a front roller, The roller will roll down the longer growth & then the grass does not spring up in front of the cylinder, ready to be cut, particularly noticeable with what appears to be a slightly stiffer broad leafed species of grass. This will also happen with long weed & seed heads like Plantain. Previous advice is very good but it may be a good idea to use a rotary mower or a strimmer to cut the longer areas down to a reasonable level before you cut with the Atco mower, you will then be able to control this problem with regular cutting. Good luck with it & persevere, it will come good in the end. Regards Peter Hampton

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Did that sort the problem.



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Another solution to long

Another solution to long grass was the "outrigger" type front wheels instead of rollers:

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My version of 'Outrigger

My version of 'Outrigger Wheels' on my Webb Witch to help cut areas of longer grass on my lawn. A piece of Hosepipe!! which keeps the small wooden rollers apart. Does the job.