ATCO1765 grass box....

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mr pickles
ATCO1765 grass box....

Hello all. I have recently become a member and i have several mowers one of which is a ATCO1765 which i bought for £16 as a non runner, which after a little work runs a treat, however sadly it came with no grass box and getting one is a problem CAN ANY ONE HELP!! Or is it possible to get one to fit from an another mower, perhaps with some creative adjustment.

Has anyone got a photo of a 1765 with the correct box attached many thanks Richard

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In your favour, the machine

In your favour, the machine was relatively mass produced; against, people tended to leave the boxes outside to gather rain water! Not sure whether an Atco of that era would have had a steel or alloy box; someone on the forum should be able to say .

I've never had much luck adapting existing boxes but have made a couple of simple ones from scratch  - not a faithful repro of the manufacturer 's item but fit for purpose!

From time to time there's a chap on eBay offering a whole assortment of mower boxes - may be worth a look.

An image of the area on the mower where the box engages would be a useful starting point in identifying the type that you need.

On edit. On second thoughts, let's have a couple of images of the whole machine. I've got one or two parts books from that era and may be able to match one to your mower.




I have just acquired a selection of grass boxes including a few Atco's, collect tomorrow, but on hols then until 23rd June, if you can send me some images of mower & the fixing points etc, to I will see what I can do, when I return.




mr pickles
Hi Clive i have sent you

Hi Clive i have sent you photos of my machine to the email you suppled Richard

mr pickles
Hi wristpin here area few

Hi wristpin here area few pics.


the grass box mounting points left and right

original motor type 75 g14

reference plate

i was also at some point going to get the blades sharpened any ideas as to how i might get the blades off?