New member! And a curiosity of push mowers...

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New member! And a curiosity of push mowers...

Hello! New member from Scotland! 

I have recently purchased my first push mower, a Qualcast Super Panther (not very special I know, as common as grass itself) I have owned many old atco’s , qualcast, and suffolks. 

I have a customer who owns one of the new Webb 12” cylinder push mower and I have noticed that they are nearly identical! Is this just a modern copy of the qualcast? I know webb themselves have a history if similar design push mowers but this seems so similar. 

By chance could it share parts such as the reel? Would be good to know as a possible new parts provider! 



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Yes, the 'new' 12" Webb is

Yes, the 'new' 12" Webb is undoubtedly based on the Qualcast Panther, but wether the parts are interchangeable is another thing. Calling it a Webb is probably down to Bosch licensing the Qualcast name to Homebase. This is also why you can buy Atco's that are not Atco's and Allett's that are Atco's.

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I do not own a new "webb" but

I do not own a new "webb" but own a Handy mower.I have had a super panther in the past.The handy and the new webb are all based on the super panther/panther 30dl .The webb/handy have many plastic parts including rear roller,they are ok 2nd hand because cheap,the metal and paint lets them down ,the grassbox is fabric.So overall not as rugged as qualcast.