Villiers 25c and similar engines

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Villiers 25c and similar engines

With what is the best way, please, to blacken the barrel fins and what paint is best?  I notice that a lot of the exhausts are painted in the same green as the mower.  Do I take it they do not get hot enough to burn the paint off?


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Paint: engine enamel.

Paint: engine enamel.

Exhaust gets plenty hot. Most used mowers will have rust in place of the original paint.

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I use BBQ or wood burning

I use BBQ or wood burning stove  paint but it struggles with the direct blast of a two-stroke.   Sperex car exhaust  paint  is  good but difficult to find round here.

Googling Sperex brings up several other brands of VHT paint .

Thanks - most helpful.  On

Thanks - most helpful.  On first top coat and last red oxide before looking at the engine - so slowly, slowly catchee-monkey!