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Brott 20
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Yes they do crop up now & again, a couple on ebay at present, here is a bit more information...........

During the 1960’s Flail Mowers were manufactured by Edward Thomas & Co (Oswestry) Ltd, Whittington road, Oswestry, Shropshire 

The name BROTT apparently came from the fact that the Company owner Edward had two sons – Bernard and Jack – and he called the Company after these two Thomas Brothers (making the BRO for brothers and the TT for the two Thomas brothers).   They produced several different versions of the Brott Flail Mower at the Oswestry base: 

BROTT 20     Produced in 1965 with a Briggs and Stratton 6hp engine, and Albion 4 speed gearbox, this was the first Brott model. 

BROTT 202     This was the Brott 20 Mark 2, produced in 1967 with a Briggs and Stratton 7hp engine, and Albion 4 speed gearbox. 

BROTT 27     An altogether larger machine, with a 27” cut and roller drive or wheel drive on the back. 

By the early 1970’s Portec (UK) Ltd of Vauxhall Industrial Estate, Ruabon, Nr Wrexham, Wales had taken over production of the Brott and a new model was introduced: 

BROTT 124     with a Briggs and Stratton 8hp engine, and Ariens Hydrostatic Transmission.   The Brott 320 and the Brott Cropet were also produced by Portec at Ruabon.

Hope that helps


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Anybody heard of a Brott

Anybody heard of a Brott mower before? 

That made me smile, they were so loud that they could be heard from half a mile away. The auctioneer’s description is pretty accurate.

Definitely an acquired taste!