Atco Commodore B14 cylinder thread worn; help needed

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Atco Commodore B14 cylinder thread worn; help needed

Good morning!

We are currently restoring a Commodore B14 and ran into a worn thread on the cylinder spindle. It seems that the previous owner dit not lock it in place correctly or did not use proper tools. Anyway, as you see from the pictures, it is pretty worn. Unfortunately there a only a few options left, of one of which is to find a cylinder with better looking spindle thread, which I found on ebay. That leaves me with the nut/sprocket that should be on the thread, that is worn inside as well.(The Commodore in question is belt variant, so the belt drives an aluminium pulley that is kept in place by the nut/sprocket)

My question is: does anyone have such a nut/sprocket around somewhere or knows a place where it is for sale? To complicate things i don't have a spare part number for it since it isn't in the Atco documents, on the pictures it is all chains...


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I hope someone comes up with

I hope someone comes up with the nut/sprocket part number or even a spare.

If there was no other choice, I would be tempted to find a suitable size down nut, cut the original one off the sprocket and weld on to the new nut, then cut a new thread onto the end of the spindle to suit the new nut. It would obviously be a bit harder than that and would need to be a good job - and would lose originality if that was the aim..

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Part numbers but little help

Part numbers but little help with the parts, BUT........   The later Balmoral had a lot in common with the Commodore and Allett still make the Balmoral and market it as the Kensington, so it may be worth looking at their parts list..