Atco Standard Roller Dismantling ?

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Atco Standard Roller Dismantling ?

Hello Folks

I am at present restoring a lovely old Atco Standard and have discovered one of the outer rollers has a crack in it.

Does anyone know how to dismantle the roller assembly so I could get the cracked roller repaired.

Any information welcome.

Thanks in advance John (Yorkshire Dales)

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A while back there was a

A while back there was a thread on this forum on the same subject so it may be worth searching that out. If you are contemplating a welding repair, search out a qualified welder and not just "someone who can weld", as old cast material that has picked up various contaminants over the years needs to be treated with respect.  

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May be worth considering a replacement, there are many Standards out there being broken up, I have one at present, although wrong end of country!! Unless you fancy a trip South, (or Courier?) What cutting width is yours?