Blade sharpening

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Blade sharpening

Dear Forum,

I have finally got my Atco 1448 lightweight mower up and running :) however, now i feel that the blades could do with a sharpen. Being a novice with regards to this please can someone advise the basics here?

I have read about 'back lapping' - is this as simple as applying paste and rotating the blades in reverse? and also do i need to sharpen the bottom blade? if so how is this done or should i just take this to a tool place for them to get on with and should i take the cylinder off and bottom blade or just take the whole mower?



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This needs to be a”sticky”  !

This needs to be a”sticky”  !!

Back lapping. Is a means of keeping an edge on properly sharpened cylinders and bottom blades. It will not recover a blunt or damaged cylinder.

Bottom blades must be sharpened/skimmed and are removed from the machine still screwed to their sole plates/ carriers. 

Cutting Cylinders.  Depending on the design of the mower and the available sharpening machinery cylinders may be sharpened in-situ or removed from the chassis.  Removing the cylinder does allow a thorough inspection of the bearings and seals etc. 




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This needs to be a ”sticky”  

This needs to be a ”sticky”  !!

Agree 100%