Clutch problem

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Richard Joyner
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Clutch problem

Hi,I'm a new member of the club and I am restoring a Suffolk 75G 12inch model,number 28A.

The restoration went well and the engine starts first time,but I have trouble with my clutch. I have tried a number of things,i.e. clutch cable adjustment etc. but to no avail.

The symptoms soon as I start the mower,it takes off up the lawn on it's own and the clutch will not disengage.

Has anyone got any advice please? Is it possible that the cylinder bearings have gone?


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The engine number and 12"

The engine number and 12" suggests that you may have an old machine with a centrifugal clutch, on the other hand, it may be a later machine that tensions a belt to engage the drive. On the handlebars is there just a throttle lever - usually on the right or is there also a clutch lever on the left.

The cylinder bearings are unlikely to be the culprits.

An image or two of your machine will save guess work.