Greens Zephyr 12" and 14" Push Mowers

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Greens Zephyr 12" and 14" Push Mowers

Hi. Back in August I acquired what I thought was a Greens 12" Monitor (see my post dated 07/08) but, it turned out that my mower had incorrect oversized handles from a 14" model and also had the wrong badge/emblem fitted and was in fact a 12" Zephyr model. I have since obtained both a 12", and a 14" model Zephyr primarily because I wanted the correct handles and badging, along with a couple of replacement 'Thumbscrews' however, I now need your help ( again!! ) with finding out what is the correct wooden roller configuration for the Zephyr mowers I have, along with hopefully, what paint colour do I need to obtain to be true to the original? If anyone knows what years the Zephyr models were produced I would be very grateful. Thanks again in advance for any information you might be able to offer me. It is much appreciated. Regards. Rob