Help - Magneto test bed

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Help - Magneto test bed

I want to construct a test bed for the F12 sloper wipac magneto.  I have a spare flywheel (damaged fins) and what I need is the crankcase, crank shaft and stator to suit. I dont need the piston cylinder etc. I would prefer if the crank case wasnt split but if you really need the con rod then I wil do it myself cos I dont want the running conditions to be disturbed  The bottom half will act as a carrier so I can use a variable speed dc motor to simulate operating conditions.  I have all the necessary electrical test equipment and a scope etc so I want to compare this against the meco electronic  kit which nobody understands.  I will aim to find out if it really does advance and retard ignition as urban myth has it

So a donation of the bottom carcass would help the cause.  I need the crankshaft assy cos its where the cam sits  I promise to post my test results faithfully and of course I will pay all postal costs (by courier I assume)

BTW do any of you do a Megger Insulation test on your coils?


Cheers Robin

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What ever floats your boat

What ever floats your boat but it seems an awful lot of messing around which wont actually change the fact that both the Meco and the Nova work well and are reliable. I just happen to prefer the Meco as it's smaller and easier to fit within the mag.If you are determined to prove whether of not they advance/retard the spark I suggest that it would be far easier to hook up an externally powered timing strobe and put a couple of reference marks on the centrifugal clutch flywheel. If doing it with the engine uncoupled from the clutch drum REMOVE THE CLUTCH SHOES. 

As far as using a Mega or DMM goes, I prefer the "does it produce a spark test" to a comparison with a datum of possibly unverified provenance.

But as I said at the start ............