Need help figuring out how to identify a reel mower

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Need help figuring out how to identify a reel mower

I recently purchased an old reel mower. I forgot to take a pic before. I have taken it a part and have started removing the rust. I can't find a brand or make on it. The handle which is wooden says "Five Star Deluxe Ball Bearing" it was originally Green and Yellow. The inside of the tire says 881-RXT. 

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Hello, welcome to the forum,

Hello, welcome to the forum, I attach below an ad for The Five Star Deluxe, they appear to have been advertised from 1939 to 1942 in various USA newspapers being sold by retailers, although no definite name of manufacturer, although in some ad's it was referred to as the 'Hibbard' mower, 

This could perhaps be a connection with Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett  HSB & Co where mowers have been seen under their name.

How many blades do you have & what is the cutting width, from the ad I assume the 16in may have 5 blades & the 14in 4 blades, also be interesting to see if the wheel size matches that stated.

The 881-RXT, is this on the tyre, or cast in the inner wheel casing, or any other part no's visible?

Hope that's of interest