Ransomes 14 Light weight

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Ransomes 14 Light weight


The Villiers Midget engine on this mower backfires through the carburettor on start up, Its stops when the engine is warm and runs quite nicely.

I have checked the timing at it seems to be ok.

Does this sound like a weak mixture? Do I just need to adjust the position of the needle in the carburettor?

The engine cuts out after being used for a while and would only run on choke even though the engine is hot? Does this sound like a weak mixture?

I have only recently moved into collecting mowers with 2 stroke engines so am not experienced with these old engines so any help and advice will be gratefully received.

Thank you.


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All pointing to a weak fuel

All pointing to a weak fuel to air mixture . Start by checking the tank cap breather and  fuel flow to the carburettor . If that’s ok , then it’s time to try richening the mixture.