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Ransomes Marquis linkages

Hi everyone,I wonder if someone with some tweaking experience can help me.

I bought what I think is a Ransomes Marquis Mk5M but it has the Briggs 3HP Magnetron engine which is different to the manual that I can find online. Anyway the manual doesn't really help with the problem I have which is related to the carb, governor, throttle cable linkages.

I bought the machine as a non-runner because it had been laid up in a garage for 12 years. It is actually in fantastic condition overall and after cleaning out the tank with some thinners and gravel and then rebuilding the carb, it fired up first pull. Then the troubles started.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how the various moving linkages interact correctly. I'm fairly sure the previous owner had been tinkering because some bolts were loose and the governor linkage was a bit mangled. After many, many hours looking at Briggs diagrams online I guessed that the governor return spring was missing altogether and bought one that seemed to fit like a sleeve over the governor linkage.

The issues are:

  1. the carb linkage will not return to the idle position when the throttle lever is backed off.
  2. the small governor spring never seems to have adequate tension.
  3. not sure if the governor return spring is correct or even fitted correctly. Part # 690545.
  4. When the throttle lever is moved to bring up the revs, it's screaming like a banshee after only one quarter movement.
  5. I don't think the governor lever is engaging the governor properly because I can hear chattering and the carb linkage is vibrating in line with the chattering.

I'm pretty sure the whole cable and linkage scenario is incorrect but I can't figure it out. I've done the governor adjustment but there does not seem to be any spring tension on either spring.

Ransomes model is EJ 10791.

Briggs model is 80232  8634-02  86120103.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Some pics below.



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Looks tidy but a personal

Looks tidy but a personal opinion is that the Marquis with a Briggs was not a patch on one with a Villiers Sloper. 

I see that you’ve had the governor arm off the shaft - have you followed procedure for setting it up ?

Those little springs that are co-axial with some links a really just anti rattle / anti surge  - desirable but not vital.

At this stage my suggestion is to invest £ 20 in the purchase of the genuine BS manual for L head engines. Well worth it’s price .

Part no 270962

Thanks. I've just bought a

Thanks. I've just bought a copy on pdf.

If anyone has a photo of a similar set up I would be grateful.