Ransomes Matador 24

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Ransomes Matador 24

Some one should have warned me about mower addiction.  I just won said machine, has a JAP engine and weighs in at 160kg just within the limt of my small trailer.  Not far just down the road in Maidstone which is why I could not control myself. It seems complete but sold as a non runner and the grass box is pristine.  I think this will be a 2019 project but will see if I can get the engine running and try not to fiddle while meddling with my Marquis.  I saw a recent ad for a new matador 27 - ca £5000  Kerriste.  But then one of OLC vids showed the early massive Ransomes sold to the great houses for £150 in 20s  which is ca £150k today.  What a con trick

I collected it today from a professional groundsman. The box is pristine and everythings there as original.  But what a beast. 250kg just within the limit of my 5x3 trailer.  Has to position the beast carefully over the wheels or I couldnt uncouple

FYI these cheap PRC wire hoists typically used to pull a boat on its trailer are useless, couldnt manage 100kg lift let alone the claimed 1 ton capacity and worse is that the wire rope doesnt sit properly on the spool and gets tangled up - kerapp.  Fortunately Ive got a garage type chain hoist proper job and I am going to need it

Must finish the Marquesa first